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The Spiritual Map To Manifestation w/ Jacqueline Weeks

THE SPIRITUAL MAP TO MANIFESTATION (This Event is now completely booked)

If you would like to be on the waiting list, please email us or if you’d like to be informed when we have it again. :)

~ 7 Steps to Purposeful Creation~
with Jacqueline Weeks – Certified Yoga Teacher and Usui Reiki Master

SUNDAY, NOV 11th ~ 2:00 – 5:00pm ~ SHAANTI YOGA

( workshop includes a self-created mandala and a handout on the 7 steps ) $50 ~ Sign up at studio or (under events)

*Space is limited to 15 participants only. Pre-registration required*

(Some physical yoga experience recommended)


There is an ever present energy world ,a field of infinite potentiality ,that is willing to accommodate your desires if you know how to work with and flow with it The unconscious mind makes up 85% of your mind power and so is running your life .To create change we need to be intentional and conscious .Manifestation is more than ‘wishful thinking’ .My intention is to offer you insights into the principles of mindset –using the wisdom of the Chakra system and its relevance to empower and inspire action towards progress. Come join me for a fun and creative 3 hour workshop geared towards being inspired to get in touch with your worth and learn a clear and defined 7 step metaphysical process to map your objectives through:
- A detailed opening discussion with visual presentation
- A creative Mandala Flow asana (physical) practice to energize your body- incorporating the 7 steps to manifestation through each of the 7 Chakras and associated bija (seed) sounds
- A mandala art project to stimulate your creativity and reflect on your desires/purpose

- Restorative (supported) guided meditation ceremony to cement the 7 step map to manifestation process, release unconscious blockages you have built up against being open

to receiving your desires and restore the natural desire within to create (Some brief Reiki to stimulate Chakras 6 and 7 on the head)

*This workshop aims to leave you feeling inspired, more self aware in your ability to play an active role in the creation of your best life and informed about how that process works using the Chakra system, already built within us, as your guide

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