Before I found Jacqueline, I could never take the practice of yoga seriously enough to go to more than 1 class for any yoga instructor (given I’ve maybe gone to only 3 studios before, take a class, decide yoga just isn’t for me and think I’d never go back. Go back. Repeat every couple years or so...)

Out of convenience I stumbled upon this yoga studio... Then I found Jacqueline. There’s something about her voice, it is so soothing to me and it helps me focus. Not only that, but unlike the other few classes I’ve taken before, she pays very close attention to everyone. I needed a lot of help achieving the basic postures but she helped me along the way. Be sure to talk to her before and after class especially if you’re new.

I notice that there’s a flow to the movements she guides you into. You start out just sitting there, relaxing, just breathing, maybe touching your toes........and next thing you know you’re doing lunges!!!! I didn’t even notice the progression in difficulty in the postures in every class. The movements/postures she guides you into just...flows~~~ If anything that’s what I love about her most. Also her soothing voice helps me break away from everything stressful in life for the duration of the practice.
— Tina, T. - Irvine

I joined Shaanti about a two years ago because I wanted to up my practice, and I’m so glad I did! The studio is small and intimate, and the instructors are dedicated and conscientious. I most often attend Jacqueline’s 5:30 class - she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and a wonderful guide - the other yogis are also excellent. I’d recommend this studio to anyone - regardless of level - if you have any interest in yoga, you will find your home here!
— Vicki, H

“What I love about this studio is that it’s so welcoming and warm and all of the teachers have their own style. If I feel like a gentle class, there’s at least one offered every day, if I want to work harder, I can find that class as well and if I want to flow, that’s available as well. All the teachers are very committed to their craft and are able to convey instructions so well.”

— Sally - Lake Forest