True yoga is not about the shape of your body,
but the shape of your life.
Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.
Yoga doesn’t care about what you have been;
yoga cares about the person you are becoming.
Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose, and for it to be truly called yoga, its essence must be embodied.”
~Aadil Palkhivala, Fire of Love

About Us

Our approach to the practice of yoga focuses on allowing each person to discover their authentic practice.  At Shaanti Yoga, we carefully select instructors, each of whom has completed advanced training and has many years of experience teaching at all levels, from the athlete seeking to gain an extra edge in performance to those working with physical limitations.  Everyone can find a safe, fulfilling, and empowering practice at Shaanti!

Our classes focus on the traditional postures, with an emphasis on alignment and breath.  Instructors lead a practice tailored to the students in the room at any given time - we rely on our well-trained, experienced teachers who are dedicated to this pracitce and will be there to help you modify, find that new pose, or deepen a pose that you’ve practiced before.  It is authentic yoga, but with a contemporary focus on anatomy and physiology, with a specific emphasis on the physical challenges that face modern yoga practitioners.  We know what it’s like to have a desk job, or to carry around children all day, or to have only a few precious hours a week to call your own - and we tailor the practice to help you find balance no matter what is happening in the rest of your week.

All levels are welcome - we can help you start a yoga practice if you are in your worst physical condition, and we can help you protect yourself from injury and create better body awareness for even the fittest athletes.

Join us for free meditation - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-1:45pm!

Class Descriptions

Beginners' Yoga/Yoga Fundamentals/Yoga 101 - This class will introduce you to basic meditation techniques usually at the beginning and end of class. We will take at least 10 minutes of each class to practice meditation. The rest of the class will work on basic yoga poses encouraging proper alignment and connecting movement to breath. Some days we might work on a flow, other days holding poses for a longer period of time. This is a class to discover yoga and what works best for your body. Props will be used to modify!

Candlelit Slow Flow (Level 1)- Unwind and downshift into a sensory candlelit experience that aims to stretch and strengthen your body as well as calm your nervous system.This well-rounded slow flow class invites a deeper understanding of mind-body-spirit connection and improves flexibility, muscle tone, circulation and balance. Gentle stretching opens the way to a stronger slow flowing sequence of postures with simple transitions and attention to alignment and essential breath awareness.  * Modifications and props are offered.

Gentle Yoga -  These classes are structured around restoring and rejuvenating the body. Yoga props such as blankets, blusters, and blocks are used to achieve support and comfort in each posture. The practice is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching and releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. This class is appropriate for all levels, especially for prenatal and postpartum, students dealing with injuries, and anyone looking to de-stress! Appropriate for all levels.

Hatha Yoga/ Lunch Flow Basics - In these classes, students will receive instruction in the fundamental postures of yoga.  Classes include sun salutations, and all students are encouraged to practice at their own level.  We can help you find that level!  This may mean that the instructor helps you modify if certain poses are not yet attainable, and it includes encouragement and assistance to take your practice to the next level.  Hatha classes are appropriate for beginners, but offer a lot of options for experienced yogis to challenge themselves.

Happy Hour Flow (Level 1-2) - Feeling stiff and stressed out from the demands of a long day? This class will help unravel tension in your body and mind, uplift your spirits and renew your overall sense of well being.This well-rounded slow flow class invites a deeper understanding of mind-body-spirit connection and improves flexibility, balance, strength and muscle tone.Gentle stretching opens the way to more active and invigorating flowing sequences with attention to transitions, alignment and essential breath awareness.
*Modifications and props are offered, making this class accessible to healthy beginners as well as more experienced practioners.

Hatha Flow- In a hatha flow class, expect to sweat!  These classes are appropriate for students already familiar with the basic postures, and the pace is a bit quicker than in a hatha class. You will be encouraged to work more deeply in the fundamental postures, and given instruction and help as you work toward deeper and more challenging asanas.  Hatha flow focuses intently on the breath practice, and as a result, the classes tend to be very warm and physically more rigorous.  These flow classes are most appropriate for those familiar with the basic postures, or those new to yoga but with a fairly high level of fitness.

Prenatal Yoga - Designed to meet the needs of your changing body and growing baby, this 75-minute class will focus on postures that are appropriate, safe, and effective for pregnant women (all trimesters and experience level). Prenatal yoga is recommended to help find the balance between effort and surrender that pregnancy, birthing, and motherhood require.

With an emphasis on breathing, relaxation and muscle toning, our comprehensive practice includes poses to help prepare the body for labor, to open the chest, and to improve blood flow and oxygen to both mom and baby. In our classes, you will learn skills and techniques useful during labor and the birth of your baby, or anytime during your pregnancy when you might be feeling nervous, anxious or stressed. Best of all, you will feel inspired and nourished in a community of women sharing the experience of pregnancy and birth. 

Restorative - Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body.  Restorative yoga poses are beneficial to the entire body.Restorative yoga provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. It can also help you recover from illness and injury.

Rise & Shine Slow Flow(Level 1/2) -The perfect way to start your day! Rejuvenate, center yourself and find the grace and ease you need to get going, flowing and smiling into the rest of your day.This well-rounded slow flow class invites a deeper understanding of mind-body-spirit connection and improves flexibility, balance, strength and muscle tone.Gentle stretching opens the way to more active and invigorating flowing sequences with attention to transitions, alignment and essential breath awareness.
*Modifications and props are offered, making this class accessible to healthy beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.

Shaanti Blend: Pranayama/Meditation/Restorative (All Levels)-

Lets get to the heart of yoga! ‘Shaanti” translates as peace, tranquility and bliss. This class is designed to offer you just that – a calming experience, opening practice by supporting the body with props for various guided pranayama (breathing exercises) which serve to balance the natural heating and cooling qualities/responses in our subtle energy body,resulting in both the alertness and relaxation needed to prepare us for the meditation experience that follows.Seated pranayama and meditation postures will be supported with props for optimum comfort.Meditation(both guided and self-directed) is our special time for personal introspection and deeper self-awareness that we grow to enjoy because of the calming mental and physiological benefits it shows us. Class will finish with a couple restorative (long-held prop supported) yoga postures to bring relief to our physical body after seated meditation and serve to calm our nervous system and release tension in the connective tissue that surrounds our tight muscle bundles. Class will close with a short Savasana (integration posture) to return the body to a neutral state.

Strengthen, Stretch & Stabilize Yoga - This gentle class will focus on creating stability in the body through strengthening all of our muscle groups, especially working on the core (all the muscles in the torso); strengthening from the inside out. We will move at a slower pace, guiding ourselves deeper into the poses. Discover what works for you in each pose and exactly what your edge is. Modifications will be offered. All levels welcome.

Therapeutic Restoration - This is a class designed for those who may be recovering from an injury, surgery, pregnancy and or dealing with some form of pain. This class is good for those who may be new to the practice of yoga and want to start slow. In this class students will be instructed on how to use their breath as a form of healing. Students will be gently guided though poses using props to help support their bodies in the poses to aid in the deeper release of muscles and to help relieve stress and tension. Therapeutic restoration is a yoga class that will leave your body feeling open, relaxed and gently stretched, and your mind feeling clear and present.

Yin - is a simple practice, but not necessarily easy. It consists of a series of long-held, passive seated and lying down poses that target mainly the connective tissues and muscles. It also improves the energy flow throughout the body. Yin Yoga complements a more active muscular style of asana practice (yang). Yin helps release physical tightness. Benefits of Yin Yoga are stress reduction, calming and balancing the mind and body, greater joint mobility, increased circulation, improved flexibility and deeper relaxation. Yin is practiced in a cool room and appropriate for all levels.

Yoga for Balance and Flexibility - This class focuses on classic yoga postures to increase balance, mobility and range of motion, utilizing breath awareness and mindfulness. Students are taken through a structured series of asanas to lengthen, strengthen and rebalance specific muscles of the body.This yoga class will leave you feeling stretched, standing taller with muscles awake and mind calm and relaxed. Props will be used and modifications offered so that this class is accessible to all levels of yoga.