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Hormone and Weight Loss Workshop

Ever wonder why so many people cannot shed the extra pounds despite diet and exercise or without going to extremes? It may be a toxicity challenge. Discover the science and link between toxicity and weight-loss resistance.

Here is what you will learn at this event:
- How to balance hormones with diet and detox
- Which diet is best and the #1 diet myth
- How NOT to get trapped by the calories in calories out myth
- How the cell works and why weight-loss resistance is a hormone issue triggered by toxins
- What damages the cell and causes weight gain
- The secret to how to create a personalized detox plan that boosts hormone health and weight loss
- How to create a toxic-free lifestyle that is easy to implement in even the busiest of families

Kari Young is an expert in customizing thorough nutrition & detox plans for every individual. Too many people are doing health the way it was done 20 years ago. We now live in the most toxic time in human history and people need to be taking care of their health for the world we live in now.

Conditions such as menopause, cancer, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances, and depression are happening at younger and younger ages in the toxic modern world. There is so much that can be done to control the direction of your health and avoid these conditions. The reasons to detox are great, but this program, in particular, is designed with the strength to target weight-loss resistance and treat thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

This is a free workshop

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