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Winter Solstice 108 Sun Salutations Donation Event


Winter Solstice Sun Salutations Donation Event

Saturday, 2-3:30 or 4pm

The tradition of practicing 108 Sun Salutations in a row is an ancient tradition with a deeply spiritual meaning.

This practice is linked to the Hindu belief that 108 is a sacred number: there 108 Upanishads (Hindu spiritual texts), 108 names for Hindu deities, 108 sacred points on the body (marma points), 108 beads on the Mala chain and 108 sacred sites in India (pithas), AND...the distance between the sun and the earth is 108 times the sun’s diameter.

This last one might seem a bit unrelated until you realize that the 108 Sun Salutations practice is typically practiced on the two equinoxes and two solstices, celebrating the change of the seasons.

This is the most common time that it’s practiced in Western culture as a way of welcoming the spring, breaking out of the darkness of winter, and as an opportunity to let go of anything weighing you down as you move into the lighter, fresher, season—but this is a practice you can do on your own any time or any of the other seasonal changes.

The 108 sun salutations are nothing to fear. These can be done modified and I will give options. We will do 27, take a break and then take a short break for 4 rounds. We will follow the practice with a few restorative poses to settle the body and mind!

We will be donating to an organization that lies close to our heart. Save the Elephants; More info to follow:)

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